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Factions Arena

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Factions Arena is a team deathmatch mode. There are two Factions, the Red Faction and the Blue Faction. They are both composed by 6 members eachThe participants are randomly divided into these two factions. Each fight lasts 10 minutes; at the end the team with the most members alive wins. A member dies when all its lifes are lost. Every member has 5 lifes.


All other features

- Members for each faction: 6
- Fight Time: 10 minutes
- Res-Up timer: 15 seconds (or you will be kick out).
- Interactions between users are blocked.
- Free-mode blocked.
- Items banned: all mounts, all call-boss scrolls, Wedding Ring.


Start time | Ranks

21:00 | URWehbMOb_ab7kSziAY9I1rUJhu8ThrHg6dcuqc- Bronze IV i7kBY-lJJbkQbLdj62o9eW2L8SkoxF6CBqL3BkA7 Gold IV.
22:00 | i7kBY-lJJbkQbLdj62o9eW2L8SkoxF6CBqL3BkA7 Gold IV CA81JST1wcBQrLQezSMvESvT4gp955Xs__ENNLLp Diamond IV.
23:00 | CA81JST1wcBQrLQezSMvESvT4gp955Xs__ENNLLp Diamond IV wCwnf68pjPaqzXwMII4hnd_rUl8WZYbmfc6zP-6x Challenger.


How to partecipate?

1. Open your Scroll 2oU_QqYJGnJWqJ5VwZQ39rxyBvJnqBRq3SfBcK8x "Faction War" and join in (you must be in CH1). 
2. Talk with NPC in the stands, select your category and sign up.
3. Wait for the fight start; you must wait into the Arena or your registration will be deleted. You can leave the Arena only by your Scroll 2oU_QqYJGnJWqJ5VwZQ39rxyBvJnqBRq3SfBcK8x"Faction War".

 NB I:  The number of members per team must be reached (6 vs 6) or the fight will not start.
 NB II:  12 characters will be chosen randomly if registrations exceed this number.



Factions Arena - Rewards

Faction Winner
alive members

2Uew9irrO5hD8St7GTPDMLXnsB7NCXx9rvTR3YX9 Faction Chest
+150 LP

dead members
+25 LP

2Uew9irrO5hD8St7GTPDMLXnsB7NCXx9rvTR3YX9 Faction Chest: 98VyCnvRHma2DrxB7VRgyO-lQYryzdcZp0T6Fnpd x3 + -uEICgCnem12_TN51_3txN9A2htYhj0XnVWckZOj x16 + 5Lmqa726O7vPCrlyg6-bi1XHe5P4fDbWjZeWUQ9p x40 + wMl4stbCaEJ6j4T5Q8yCLiTE22yUG62danaxTzja + NlwM6gPM2akI7EI9bN4R_IMfm4dz4lvvGFkO5153.



98VyCnvRHma2DrxB7VRgyO-lQYryzdcZp0T6Fnpd Eyeball Chest: 9seYbGOfIeCkFsy4A2pfBv1jzujiThDABtWuyuvQwbDZAR06YvzBhlKSyClypINPRlKGt93Li7HOqIlCdox-aF-UvWuA5K1PhyexUI6odMY4wJTWWeq62gjymx9Tb5vbemGScbKCv1OFFM2WMX_vbzpsmVG-SHaXPSaUs262cvz2vOZ6eW5JsKtKjb4_YXA4yJjkMn52ny136PG97kpxYnDLWE3hdrcy_8okQ4g2ipcRgOnn7LLYZs1SfPux2ppSetHNYrSSgko4SIPipnrBeMZt(Guide: Biologue)

5Lmqa726O7vPCrlyg6-bi1XHe5P4fDbWjZeWUQ9p Enchanted Bundle: T85_vpURlEmx5q3DK35RPiaqmWY588eaZptcw4Srx200.

wMl4stbCaEJ6j4T5Q8yCLiTE22yUG62danaxTzja Blue Drape: x20 to choose Blue Faction SkinhuJIm25odZiUs9HRSIW4VUaQIsN00FtcrNf8SC7z, x20 to choose Blue Spartan Helmr9tiQ2gQr1IcKtTqiWkcXRPfwsiNSuDHROLS1whsx50 to choose Blue Spartan Sking-7pPmfLWqGV1NYgvR5hub0ImvtEmWlop7hw0gmv.

NlwM6gPM2akI7EI9bN4R_IMfm4dz4lvvGFkO5153 Red Drape: x20 to choose Red Faction Skin,IX-mUDRA6aIVClKLDeYPS-IuPcTf17ilaCCVj3Y4 x20 to choose Red Spartan Helm LyVTQrLnTQIS6ovWdv94Pd9ydP72OOPezeqU0cK6x50 to choose Red Spartan SkinnsMEBc2hxKGsYFW1VbnKMf507VJ5ByjJJI2uxdc5.


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