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Drop Event: Event Coins from some Dungeon Bosses!

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This event repeats every 7 days forever

Event details

Event Description

A special drop from Dungeon Bosses.


Dungeon Bosses

A. Szel - B. Death Reaper - C. Beran-Setaou - D. Lord Ape - E. Spider Baroness

F. Cursed Minotaur - G. Fortress Guardian - H. Azreal - I. Razador


A. Szel - DY1h3JAtOt5Py7NFOnyAGbzEN0zHeMLf58iotVMZHoard of Coins (3%)
B. Death Reaper -  DY1h3JAtOt5Py7NFOnyAGbzEN0zHeMLf58iotVMZ Hoard of Coins (3%)
C. Beran-Setaou - DY1h3JAtOt5Py7NFOnyAGbzEN0zHeMLf58iotVMZ Hoard of Coins (8%)
D. Lord Ape - DY1h3JAtOt5Py7NFOnyAGbzEN0zHeMLf58iotVMZ Hoard of Coins (8%)
E. Spider Baroness - DY1h3JAtOt5Py7NFOnyAGbzEN0zHeMLf58iotVMZ Hoard of Coins (8%)
F. Cursed Minotaur - DY1h3JAtOt5Py7NFOnyAGbzEN0zHeMLf58iotVMZ Hoard of Coins(10%)
G. Fortress Guardian - GCv-Bi7nxJM9OIvALfmWIkcvZWtFp-nvGlMcaetg Bag of Coins (10%)
 H. Azrael - GCv-Bi7nxJM9OIvALfmWIkcvZWtFp-nvGlMcaetg Bag of Coins (10%)
 I. Razador - GCv-Bi7nxJM9OIvALfmWIkcvZWtFp-nvGlMcaetg Bag of Coins (35%)